Stop!! Stopping.

Sometimes when I’m out walking and I get “tired early” I say to myself “man I’m going back to the house I can’t do this.” I immediately flip the switch the other way and walk longer. I usually change the song I’m listening to and make it more upbeat. I find that YES I can do it!! It’s EASY to quit but it’s rewarding to push through it.

I’m starting a journey AGAIN to lose weight. Every time in the past I have started to just STOP because I got TIRED.

Tired of:

  • Not getting to eat “what I want” but instead of what “I have to”
  • Sore muscles
  • Going outside when the weather wasn’t “perfect”
  • having to say “I CAN’T eat that”
  • having to explain “why” I can’t eat that (lol)
  • just being tired


I have finally just STOPPED looking ahead in the future at what I WANT my body to look like, feel and wants.

I have changed my mindset to I WANT to live to see my great, great, great grandkids. That would put me at around 100 years old. I see people daily on TV, facebook, TikTok, etc that are over 100 and get around very well. So If they CAN. Why can’t I????

I have to STOP STOPPING but how? The only way to STOP STOPPING is to just simply STOP STOPPING. Right? If you are still with me and you TOO have struggled with your weight you know as well as I do it’s not SIMPLE.

So, I do believe it’s a choice.

  • Choose every moment to keep going.
  • When you’re out walking and get tired-walk just to one more song then add another song the next day. How many songs can you work up to? Instead of a time to walk like 15, 20, 30 minutes. Make you goal songs instead. Start a playlist and add your fav’s to it. (the upbeat ones lol)
  • Learn to cook NEW and EXCITING recipes. I have found recipes that literally taste like restaurant foods. (Big Mac casserole, Taco Bell pizzas) and they are KETO. Do you. What makes you want to eat something?
  • to Write down or keep record of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. This has kept me more honest than I want to be sometimes but it works.
  • You screwed up and ate too much and too wrong? So what. STOP beating yourself up and GET UP. I hate the saying every day is a new day. Yes, it’s true but sometimes in life we have to go second by second. Breathe. Forgive yourself and move on. Do something that will help you forgive yourself. Take a 3 song walk or more but don’t punish yourself. We are human.
  • a choice to do it for yourself. I’m serious. Don’t do it because someone will find you more attractive. That’s on them not you! Don’t do it because society says fat is bad. Who the heck are they? Do it FOR YOU. To live a long healthy life for you.

Always love yourself. Put yourself and your health above what anyone else says about you. Don’t believe the nay sayers. Believe in yourself. If you need a buddy. Look me up on social media Tammy Nall Tillett and Tillettville Beauty Homesteading. I wear a FitBit and I am under for that account. I will take the journey with you. We got this! Let’s do this!