YouTube channel is GROWING!!!! Tillettville Beauty Homesteading

Oh wow!! I’m beyond excited!! My YouTube channel is growing in leaps and bounds. I just got this notification in my email. Thank you sooooo much if you are one that is watching. If you haven’t started… Well come on over to the homestead we’d be happy to show you around.

First Aid: What is it and where to have them.

What is first aid?
A first aid kit contains a range of supplies used to provide medical treatment. They are kept in places such as homes, schools, vehicles, and businesses.
The kits are designed with the first response in mind. They allow those in need to quickly be given medical assistance. They are mostly used for treating minor injuries like cuts, wounds and abrasions. However, they can also help with critical injury while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

The Red Cross recommends that all first aid kits for a family of four include the following:

2 absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 inches)
25 adhesive bandages (assorted sizes),
1 adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch)
5 antibiotic ointment packets (approximately 1 gram)
5 antiseptic wipe packets
2 packets of aspirin (81 mg each)
1 emergency blanket
1 breathing barrier (with one-way valve)
1 instant cold compress
2 pair of nonlatex gloves (size: large)
2 hydrocortisone ointment packets (approximately 1 gram each)
1 3 in. gauze roll (roller) bandage
1 roller bandage (4 inches wide)
5 3 in. x 3 in. sterile gauze pads
5 sterile gauze pads (4 x 4 inches)
thermometer (non-mercury/nonglass)
2 triangular bandages
Emergency First Aid guide

Car First Aid Kits: What Yours Should Include:

Medical Necessities:
Instant/chemical cold and hot packs
Disposable gloves
Plastic bags
Cotton balls and Q-tips
Sterile eyewash
hand sanitizer

Over-the-Counter Medications:
(If you rely upon prescription medications that your life depends upon, consider adding a couple doses of these medicines to your first-aid kit in case you become stranded along the road and are not able to get home to take them as you normally would.)

  • Aspirin and non-aspirin pain relievers
  • Antidiarrheal medication to prevent dehydration
  • Antihistamines and cold medication
  • Calamine lotion
  • Allergy medication
  • A medicine cup

Standard Emergency Items:
(These are some of the most important emergency items to have with you at all times)

  • Cell phone and charger
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Waterproof flashlight and batteries
  • Candles
  • Blanket
  • Flares
  • Sunscreen

Additional Items for Kids and Pets
(some of the other items you should have in your car if you’re traveling with children or animals)

  • Disposable diapers
  • Kid-safe Insect repellant
  • Pet muzzle
  • Pet  leash
  • Vet emergency contact information

I also recommend taking a first aid course and make sure to include children and grandchildren. CPR is also a great thing to be certified in.

72 Hour survival, aka -“bug out” bag for women (mostly)

Choose small/travel sizes when possible.
Remember this is a 3 day survival bag.
*available at my online store or me, if local

*feminine sanitary items (kept in baggie to keep dry)
toilet paper (remove cardboard center) store in baggie
wet wipes (baggie will preserve wetness)
*bar soap (kept in baggie)
*lip balm
microfiber towel
* wash cloths
*hand sanitizer
cotton swabs (3-5)
tissues (travel size)
hair ties (1 or 2) (zip ties will work as well)
mirror (small)
razor (can also be kept in first aid)
manicure/pedicure kit (can be stored with first aid kit)
garbage bags (1 contractor) (2 large kitchen) (3 grocery store bags)
*laundry detergent (sheets or bars-kept in baggies)
Sleeping bag
*clothes (small)-roll them small & very tight)-1 each=shirt/pants/ bra, 3 underwear, 3 pair socks -kept in clear garbage bags to keep dry. (hint-legging pants would be more comfortable and can be worn day and night)

small cans-chicken/tuna/spam/etc.
nut butter
survival spoon/fork combo
collapsible cup/bowl
protein bars
fruit strips
MRE bags (1-3)

Emergency Essentials:
CASH!!! (small bills)
extra set of keys (car,house,garage, shed, lock boxes, fire arm safe, etc)
mini/personal size first aid kit
Mylar thermal blanket
*face mask
pocket knife/survival knife
flashlights (head or ball cap clip and hand held)
*batteries (extra)
emergency burning candles 1 or 2
hot hands packets
prescription medicine/supplements for 3-5 days
pain relievers
cough drops/hard candies
*Latex gloves
band aids
eye drops
*bug guard towelettes/spray
steri strips (for stitches)
bleed stop (for minor Cuts and Nosebleeds)
zip ties (assorted sizes)
asst. Misc.
copies of id/insurance cards/etc.
pictures of family in home with names and contact numbers (in case of separation)
medication list/health problems
Notebook and pen
playing cards/dice/seek n find/crossword
Duct tape
Work gloves
Charging cords
Solar/crank Radio & Charger
fishing line/paracord/bungee cord
Water purification tablets or drops

Pet food & water
Collapsible water bowl
Small comfort item: toy, blanket
Poop bags
vaccinations list from vet
* deodorizer

Destination Avon 2022 Cancun, Mexico

Destination Avon 2022 Cancun, Mexico
Are you going to join us in Cancun for the ultimate Avon fiesta? Your reward for 2022 achievement includes a 5-day, 4-night experience at the brand new Hilton Cancun All-Inclusive Resort in the spring of 2023, and Pinnacle Achievers will earn a 6-day, 5-night experience at the neighboring ultra-luxurious Waldorf Astoria Cancun Resort with added perks.
It’s a FIESTA!!

(CAMPAIGN 1-26, 2022)

We’re Going to Cancun!

Join us on the sparkling Mayan coastline of Cancun, Mexico for an incredible celebration of your success at the brand new Hilton Cancun. We’re going all in to give you the ultimate, all-inclusive getaway you deserve!


Get ready to celebrate your success in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Share an unforgettable experience with your Avon family at this stunning resort paradise set on a secluded stretch of Mayan coastline away from the busy tourist strip. And when we say all-inclusive, we mean it!

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Roundtrip transportation to the resort
  • Resort accommodations for 5 days, 4 nights at the brand new Hilton Cancun, an All-Inclusive Resort, opened November 2021
  • Authentic global cuisine and 12 unique dining experiences, with all meals, snacks and beverages during the incentive days
  • 24-hour room service, concierge service, WiFi
  • Panoramic ocean views and oceanfront pools, fitness center, yoga and more
  • Exclusive swag and Avon product gifts

Our 2022 Top 10 National Pinnacle achievers will automatically earn the trip for two with an upgraded stay at the Waldorf Astoria Cancun, a luxury oceanfront oasis on 100 acres of secluded Mayan coastline, plus loads of VIP perks.

  • A 6-day, 5-night premium experience for you and your guest at the new Waldorf Astoria Cancun, opening Fall 2022
  • Enjoy the all-inclusive benefits of the Hilton Cancun, plus your own resort credit at the Waldorf
  • Exclusive resort amenities, signature Waldorf Astoria Spa and five restaurants and bars, with all dining, meals, snacks and beverages during additional night
  • VIP check-in and congratulations gift
  • Exclusive awards ceremony for you and your guest
  • $150 in exclusive swag

We want you to be there in Cancun! So for the 2022 incentive, you have two ways to achieve: Through your personal sales or through Leadership performance and increasing your team sales. PLUS you have a full 26 campaigns to earn your spot — Campaigns 1-26, 2022 (December 8, 2021 through December 6, 2022).

Earn Through Personal SalesTrip for 1Trip for 2
2021 PRP Members*Increase your personal sales by $9,000
vs. prior year sales: C1-26, 2021
Increase your personal sales by $15,000
vs. prior year sales: C1-26, 2021
2021 Contenders & Premier** LevelAchieve $16,000 in personal salesAchieve $23,000 in personal sales
New Representatives***Achieve $14,000 in personal salesAchieve $19,000 in personal sales
Earn Through Team Sales†
(excludes personal sales)
Trip for 1Trip for 2
Promoters, Ambassadors
& Non Leaders
(must be Premier Level or higher
by close of C26, 2022)
Grow your team sales by $17,500
vs. prior year (C1-26, 2021)
Grow your team sales by $25,000
vs. prior year (C1-26, 2021)
(must be Premier Level or higher
by close of C26, 2022)
Grow your team sales by $25,000
vs. prior year (C1-26, 2021)
Grow your team sales by $35,000
vs. prior year (C1-26, 2021)
Executive Leaders
(must be Premier Level or higher
by close of C26, 2022)
Grow your team sales by $75,000
vs. prior year (C1-26, 2021)
Grow your team sales by $100,000
vs. prior year (C1-26, 2021)

*Minimum award sales during the cycle (from Campaign 1-26) to earn a trip: $15,000 for trip for 1, $20,000 for a trip for 2.
**Representatives who joined before C3, 2021, and did not achieve PRP status in 2021, will participate at the “Contender & Premier Level.”
***If you joined Avon on or after C3, 2021 (January 6, 2021) and did not achieve PRP status in 2021, you will participate as a “New Representative.” New Representatives who achieve Premier through the Pathway to Premier program will earn an additional $1,000 toward the incentive qualification.
To achieve at the Promoter, Ambassador and Non-Leader level, you must be selling at least at the Premier Level, and those competing at the Leader or above categories, need to achieve the title of President’s Club Level or higher within the incentive program at completion.
†This excludes your personal sales — qualifications are based on an increase in team sales only. The prior year team sales base will also exclude personal sales.



There’s never been a better time to build your team, boost your earnings and help others earn from home! Share the power of the Avon opportunity and take your business to the next level by recruiting others to join you.



More For You

You’ll love mentoring and empowering others plus you’ll earn a long list of bonuses as you build your team and move up into the Avon Leadership level. Start small or build as big a team as you want — the sky’s the limit!

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Higher earnings (an extra 3% on all team sales, to start!) and bonuses for helping your team succeed and moving up in title yourself. Many Leaders make a full-time income!

More Fun and Teamwork

It’s easy to share ideas and inspiration virtually with Zoom, Facebook and endless teleconferencing options.

More Knowledge, Confidence and Skills

Learn to how to build your business with courses on Avon U and a dedicated Learning & Development team.

More Exciting Opportunities with Avon

Exclusive access to events, incentives and perks and trackers to see your progress.

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Why You’ll Love Joining Avon

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  • Get paid for doing what you love and make real money to help your family or save for a splurge
  • Fantastic perks like access to telemedicine and affordable health insurance, online tuition discounts and more
  • New! Get exclusive access to the LG Partner Store for major discounts on LG electronics, appliances and tech
  • Earn on your own terms and schedule, part-time or full-time, from anywhere
  • Enjoy discounts on our award-winning products, trend-leading Korean and clean beauty, fragrance, jewelry and much more
  • Dream-vacation incentive trips
  • The incredible Avon community
  • Free online store for 24/7 sales
  • Digital tools to work your business from home or on the go, like the Digital Catalog and virtual makeup tool to do beauty consultations from anywhere
  • Tons of great training with our amazing training team and AVON U, our free, online learning center
  • Online fundraisers to help your community

Discover the Beauty of Avon Leadership

Keep growing your team and see how the Avon Leadership program can take your business to the next level with higher earnings on team sales, bonuses, special recognition awards and VIP perks as you move up!

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How it Works


Your recruit signs up to join your team in a few easy steps on your online store.

  • New recruits can sign up with a contribution of as little as $5 to our partner the American Cancer Society and join us in supporting causes with women at the heart. Or they can choose our incredible starter collection packed with best sellers. And there are lots of ways to share your sign-up page — more on that below!


Welcome them to your team and share the New Representative Welcome training on AVON U.


For a limited time right now, when they place a first order of any amount on, your new recruits get a free gift product** ($37 value).

  • When their first order is $60+, we’ll add a $10 credit to use in their second campaign.
*The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service.
**1st order gift is subject to change based on inventory.

How to Recruit

We’ve got lots of ways to make it easy to share your passion for Avon and they all connect recruits directly to your online sign-up page with your referral code.

Get more tips on growing your team in the
Build Your Team section of AVON U.

New Recruitment Videos

To share, just tap the Share link at top right of video.

Your Online Store

Copy and share links to our offers and sweepstakes on your social pages, and call out the Become a Representative link in the upper left.

Join Avon Page

Share the link to your online sign-up page to fill out a simple form. See our video on how to share your page.


Check out our new social media graphics on AVON U.

100% of women showed improvement … wrinkles

100% of women showed improvement in texture, clarity, uneven tone and overall fine wrinkles

Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25

Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25


Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25

If you’re looking for the best anti-aging moisturizer with SPF, say hello to this day cream. The ultimate multi-corrector anti-aging cream for preventing wrinkles should be part of your daily regimen for smoother texture, even tone and firmer skin.

Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25

Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 is a high-performance, anti-aging moisturizer that revives and recreates the look of youthful skin by visibly transforming multiple signs of aging. 1.7 oz. net wt.

• 100% of women showed improvement in texture, clarity, uneven skin tone and overall fine wrinkles
• Avon’s Celluvive Complex helps eliminate visible age-related damage on the skin’s surface, dramatically diminishing the signs of aging
• Formulated to help purify and breathe new life into skin cells by converting skin cells damaged by age into visibly more youthful-acting ones*
• Clinically shown/tested to improve skin firmness

After 4 hours of application:
• Increases skin’s moisture up to 209%

In 1 day:
• Makes skin look and feel firmer

In as little as 3 days:
• Eliminates the look of fatigue
• Diminishes the look of lines and wrinkles

In as little as 2 weeks:
• Minimizes the visible skin aging effects such as sagging
• Reinforces and redensifies thinning skin
• Dramatically reduces the look of discolorations and age spots
• Lifts the look of sagging skin
• Improves the look of skin volume

In as little as 4 weeks:
• Dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles
• Makes your darkest age spots less noticeable
• Makes age spots look undetectable, even up close
• Lifts and reshapes the appearance of sagging skin for more youthful definition

• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested
• Hypoallergenic
• Oil-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, petroleum-free
• Vegan
• Non-comedogenic
• Provides essential hydration
• Broad spectrum protection; SPF 25
• Inspired by 50 years of biology research

• In the morning, smooth the moisturizer over a cleansed face and neck after the application of eye cream, but before foundation. Apply before sun exposure and as needed. Can be used in combination with other treatments or moisturizers.

Assembled in USA

* Based on vitro testing

What is Vitro testing?

In vitro diagnostics are tests done on samples such as blood or tissue that have been taken from the human body. In vitro diagnostics can detect diseases or other conditions, and can be used to monitor a person’s overall health to help cure, treat, or prevent diseases.

Fast Fact: Our day creams provide essential hydration while shielding your skin from damaging UV rays, which are present even on cloudy days.

Meet Your Match: Introducing Avon’s Makeup Coverage Collection of Complexion Saviors

Our latest collection of makeup marvels is here to give you your best coverage yet. Everything you loved about Magix and more…our new dream team is here and ready to go all in for the win with effortless, flawless results!


Primers are a great way to prep skin and enhance the wear of makeup.

Get primed and ready with a flaw-blurring, mattifying primer with SPF 20. fmg Match Prime Face Perfector features shine-defying microspheres to visibly minimize pores and fine lines, along with botanical extracts of hydrating fleece flower and rose to help visibly smooth and protect skin. Not to mention, it’s breathable and suitable for all skin tones.

Oily skin or visible pores got you down? fmg Match Blur Oil Control Primer Balm will come to your rescue. This game-changer features special blurring powder microspheres help reduce the look of fine lines and pores, while the sheer mattifying formula helps control oil. With nutmeg extract for antioxidant benefits. For more ways to prime, check out our full primer selection.


Achieve complexion perfection with fmg Match Filter Serum Tint Foundation , a lightweight foundation formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and berry complex for a skin-loving experience. It instantly hydrates, making it a great foundation for dry skin. The creamy formula provides sheer, buildable coverage and transforms to a demi-matte powder finish for a beautiful veil of color. This flawless foundation comes in 9 shades, so you are sure to find your perfect match. Want more coverage? Discover our collection of foundation.

Help reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and blemishes while blurring imperfections with fmg Match Corrector Brightening Perfector. This creamy concealer is infused with caffeine to help brighten and visibly reduce puffiness, making it great for dark circles that appear under the eyes. Also contains soothing marigold and vitamin E for antioxidant benefits. Matte finish and portable design that’s great for on the go.

Once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, seal your look with a setting powder like fmg Match Set Finishing Powder. This mineral-infused loose powder creates an invisible veil that sets makeup while helping control shine. The lightweight formula diffuses light and visibly blurs pores and fine lines for a silky-soft matte finish that never looks cakey. For the optimal application, apply the powder with a makeup brush—we love the fmg Kabuki Brush-simply swirl the brush in the formula, then blend all over face till even. Add the full Match collection to your beauty routine for flawless coverage that’s simply unmatched.

fmg Match

Avon’s MEN fragrances featuring the Tillettville Beauty Homestead MEN

Avon’s MEN fragrances are out of this world delicious and manly

Watch video by clicking pic

Visit to check out the fragrances.