Free Avon sign up! How to join Avon for free!

You canĀ sign up to become an Avon representativeĀ for FREE for a limited time. The free Avon sign up is just one of three different options you can choose when you decide to join Avon. Here are the different ways to outline how you can sign up to sell Avon:

  • Sign up for FREE and build the kit of your choosing with your first order
  • Make a donation to the American Cancer Society in the amount of your choice (starts at $5). Build the kit of your choice with your first order.
  • Sign up for $30 with a kit valued at $107.

What do I get when I sign up for free?

Your free Avon sign up comes with an online store that is 100% free. There are no fees, no order requirements, no hidden costs and no mandatory quotas. You will not be charged a fee if you don’t sell a certain amount. Your account is 100% free and you can choose the way you want to run your business.

Maybe you don’t want to run a business and want to buy amazing luxury products like Belif, VDL, and The Face Shop at a discounted price. That is a GREAT strategy if you are like me and enjoy high end products but don’t want to pay full price. When you sign up for Avon free, you can use your account just like you an Avon membership. Except for a limited time, there won’t be a membership fee. You can join for FREE!!!

National Team Beauty would love to welcome you as a member to our Facebook group. Where you can learn more tips and tricks of the trade if you choose to sell to others.

Who is Tammy Nall Tillett?

Tammy Nall Tillett was born on June 8th 1965. She was welcomed by a brother who was 17 and sister who had just turned 15 the day before.

Needless to say I was welcomed with open arms and carried around like a baby doll. Showed off like I was the class prize. Then at three I was all alone. Raised as an only child pretty much. My Mom went to work 3-11pm. My Daddy retired from Ft. Knox and we became best buds. I was his fishing partner and he taught me how to run a business from home as he ran a small engine repair from his garage in his spare time on top of his retirement check. This man knew how to hustle and always have money. I learned most of my skills from him. I married at 17, way TOO young. Two years later I had handsome little Christopher almost three years after him I had twin baby boys Jon and Justin. All have all grown up now and given me some handsome and beautiful grand children. My favorite job in the whole world is spoiling my grand children as much as possible. That’s what us grannies do, right?

I worked in customer service postitions for most of my adult life. I went to college late in my life and studied business management. So I have experience in teaching and leading you to becoming the best you want to be as an Avon representative.

Why did I become an Avon Independent Sales Repreresentative?

  • One and mostly because my elderly mother moved in with my husband Johnny Tillett and I. She has a tendency to fall so I had to be home with her.
  • Two I wanted us to be able to still take summer vacations to the lake like We had been doing since getting married.
  • Three, I love a good challenge and I am my biggest challenger.

Before I knew it I had people signing up under me and I became a leader. Was I ready for that challenge? You better believe it. I had already made an Avon Team page for my future team members. I had already filled it with the info they would need to know to start their own Avon adventure. I thought I would have about 5 team members and we’d be a happy little team. BOOM!!! I have grown with three generations now. Two leaders under me and a full team of 48 and we are growing every single day.

National Team Beauty

  • Started out being Team Prosperous, then it changed to Team Prosperous Beauty, then to Team Prosperous Beauties and Beasts. I changed it to Team Beauty and was certain that was it. Never say never. lol We went national over a weekend. So for the last change we are NOW, National Team Beauty.
  • We have business cards, yard signs, fliers, mini flyers, book labels and t-shirts with that team name so that is the last and final name change. We all love it.

I made President’s Recognition Program ($10,000 sales- I made over $12,000) my very first year and I’ve made it every since then as well. My goal this year is to get Honor Society which is $20, 000 in sales in a year. I will do it too. I am determined.

My team level currently is Silver Ambassador. My future goal is Bronze Executive but current level I want to achieve is Bronze Leader. I will get that by the end of this year. 2020

I am a firm believer in setting high goals and reaching and working as hard as you can to MAKE them happen,. My BIGGEST downfall is wanting the same for everyone but I also realize not everyone wants the same in life. Some just want to get by in life and although that saddens me for them. I have come to grips with it.

That being said if you want to start your own Avon business and grow up big with sales and a large team. Then I can help you with that. Let’s grow together. We got this!! I can hardly wait for you to join me and the others on National Team Beauty. Remember it’s free for a limited time only. God bless.

Avon the company for women and a few good men!!!