Pearl Guineas For The WIN!!!

Homegrown Alarm System

I work from home. So I’m sitting here at my desk and I realize I hear a hawk singing the song of it’s people. I then realize my two Pearl Guineas are quiet as a mouse. If you don’t know, guineas let me be the FIRST to tell you, they are NEVER quiet as a mouse. They ALARM if absolutely ANYTHING is different in THEIR surroundings.

So OUT THE DOOR I run and I’m praying the whole time please God let all of my chickens be ok. I get around to the gate and I see the chickens up against the house, under the coop, in the coop. Anywhere they could get small and hide from Mr. Hawk (or Mrs.) I start counting and all 9 of them are accounted for. I go to the brooder in the coop and check on them. Everyone was good.

Shew I tell you this MOMMA HEN was ready to whoop some butt!! It’s funny that I fuss about the guineas sounding off but now I’m glad they do and NOW I’ve learned to pay attention more so to the silence as well.

#silencereallyisGOLDEN #lessonlearned #guineasforthewin

Tips to find customers for your small business

  1. Reach out to your past customers through email, direct mail, text with a “We miss you” message, offering some type of deal or promotion if they’ll come back. Do this every 2-3 months until they are a regular customer with you again or they tell you to stop. Then just reply back “We are here for you when you are ready, thank you”. Leave it at that “for now”. 🙂 Try again at Christmas or other special sales periods.

2. Make sure your website, blog page, business page are UP TO DATE. Make sure you have hashtags in your bio/about section, etc. Make sure you are always using your business name, your personal name and what you sell or offer as a hashtag.

3. Participate in community events and set up tables with your items you sell, brochures, business cards, samples, fliers. Have a way to collect info on everyone who visits your table. I sell AVON I filled a clear glass wine goblet with little mini lipsticks (use whatever you want-M&M’s, Marbles, lip balms, etc. The possibilities are endless here. Then have a mini sign in front that says “guess how many and win”. You decide what they win. Discount, free products and so on. Now, most importantly you need to have slips of paper for them to write their name, address, email, phone number. As much info as they will give you. Don’t forget to leave an area for their guess. Tell them you will contact them if they are a winner. This is a great time to strike up a conversation with them. Start by letting them know you are rewarding 5 guesses to the closest as well. Again, you decide that prize.

4. Have a home party at your house or ask your customers to have parties. Then have those invited to bring a friend. Reward the invited guest and their friend or friends. Also, reward who brings the most friends. Don’t forget to get the info of EVERYONE at these parties.

5. Partner with other businesses. Ask to leave business cards and samples (if your business has samples). If a small business maybe do something for the employees. Take in some doughnuts. Make friends/customers there, too. Take some of their business cards to distribute out as well.

6. Ask your established customer base for referrals. Reward your established customer if their friend orders. You choose how to reward but don’t hurt your pocket book lol.

7. Speaking of established customers sometimes they get left out and then feel unappreciated. You do not want them taking their business to someone else, right? Send them a discount coupon or promotion code. Get them to spend more by offering discounts on higher spendings.

8. Know your customers. To me this is probably one of, if not the most important thing to keep your customers. Know important things about your customers: birthdays, anniversaries, new baby or grandbaby. Send them a personal message by text, email, snail mail, something. Just let them know you care by remembering.

9. Use attractive packaging. Not everyone can do this one but again I am an AVON lady so I put pretty tissue paper in the top of the bags with AVON deliveries. I also give my customers “sweets”. Candy of all sorts. Depending on the season or holiday.

10. Make it right. If there is a problem with your goods or service. Make it right as quickly as possible. Ask them first and foremost. What is the best way I can make this right for you? Then do your best to do just that or offer something close to it. Just make it right.

Leadership is NOT a position

Are you a TRUE leader? I want you on my team if you are.


What kind of example are you setting for your team?
To lead by example means to guide others through your behavior instead of your words. Your intention is to inspire others to copy your behavior. The opposite of leading by example is to say one thing and do another. Are you letting them know what you are doing to get business? Share your ways with them.

Do you have a team page?
It opens up space for you to interact with your TEAM and add value to their experience. Members of a Facebook group are not only actively engaged to participate in a discussion but they can also start their own chain of discussion, making a group interest-oriented. With questions or post of how they are promoting their business and etc.

Are you posting encouraging statements?
Why should you encourage your team? Encouraging and promoting teamwork boosts productivity because it makes them feel less isolated and helps them to feel more engaged with their tasks. You can do this by regularly holding team-building exercises and opportunities for your team members to bond and get to know one another.

Are you giving them ideas/training on how to get customers?
How do you get customers? What do you do to pick up NEW customers? How do you KEEP your customers? Tell your team these ideas. Lead them. Help them.

Are you putting in your orders?
If you yourself are not putting in orders then you can not EXPECT your team to do so. Why should they care if their leader DOES NOT CARE? Harsh reality check isn’t it?

Do you have a business page?
Simply put, a Facebook Business page represents a business or brand and showcases the services it provides. On the other hand, a Personal page represents a singular social media user and is used to share updates about the user’s personal life and to connect with friends and family.

Are you on all social media platforms?
Social media integration helps accomplish a few key goals, including increasing your brand reach and awareness. It also encourages engagement with your website and helps build a bigger audience on social media

Tell me in the comments what you are doing or going to START doing because you TRULY believe that you can be a GREAT leader.

If YOU are a HARD worker that WANTS SUCCESS in life and to make YOUR OWN DAMN MONEY join me and I’ll LEAD YOU TO LEAD YOUR TEAM TO SUCCESS. The weak ones weed themselves out.

Independent Married Woman

60 adjectives to describe a strong woman
Yes You Can!

Independent or Laziness?
Seriously ladies, this is the 21st century why are some of you still solely dependent on a man? The ONLY and I do mean ONLY reason I can think of is LAZINESS. That more than likely strikes a nerve with some but that is the only excuse I can come up with. The ONLY way I would excuse it would be if you are a quadriplegic, bedridden, blind, deaf and can’t speak. Wow!! That sounds really harsh you’re probably thinking or maybe even saying it out loud. I make no apologies for my opinions we all have them.

How can I be independently Married?
First let’s cover the meaning of Independently Married-This means you are CONFIDENT in what YOU bring to the table aka relationship. You and your husband/wife/partner DISCUSS things like business partners do. You are a woman who wants not needs a man in her life. You both need love, compassion, respect and to be able to rely on each other.

An independent woman is a woman grounded in her faith. She knows what she believes and lives a life of integrity. She doesn’t compromise to fit into the crowd.

How can I help my husband financially?
Set aside some time each month to manage money and marriage: look over your budget, pay bills, and dream about the future. Regular Money Huddles give couples a place to talk through their financial concerns and find ways to work through them together and that means a lot less worry. See I’m not AGAINST marriage. I’m AGAINST men having a woman under their thumb or ruling. However you say it…It is what it is.

Okay. YOU CAN’T WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME. What can you do?
There are countless ways to make money from home. I do it. I operate Tillettville Beauty Homesteading from my desk. My “office space” is in our bedroom. It’s not fancy but I make VERY good money. Almost half of my husband’s income. I stay at home to take care of my elderly mother who can not be alone for long periods of time due to falling and COPD. She is 90 and we take care of her in our home and I will as long as I am physically able to.
Back to my home business. I have as many social media platforms that I can personally run by myself. They are YouTube, Facebook (personal and business pages), Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and my blog here. I also manage a team of AVON reps Nationally. We are called National Team Beauty. I sell at President’s Club level. I earn everything the company puts out as incentives just by busting my butt and daily working my business. We are lovingly considered “The Homesteading AVON reps”. I absolutely love that title!
So while I’m on the subject of AVON representative let me tell you what you can get at President’s level. I earn 40% on just my sales. I am a Silver Ambassador and I earn off each representative up to my generation 3. There are higher levels and you better believe I am running for them. I will NEVER be 100% reliable on not just my husband but anyone to pay my bills or fill my belly.
You can start your OWN AVON BUSINESS for zero down. YES zero down. Your online store is ABSOLUTELY FREE. You are never charged for it. You can (as I do) share EVERYTHING from your online store to your social media at no cost. You can start recruiting 24 hours into starting your own business.

Financially Stable
If your husband/partner died tomorrow could you pay the bills for the month? Do you have children? Would you be able to FEED them? Clothe them? Now, I don’t mean for this to come off morbid but just to shake you up a little. Could you?

Where there is a will there is a way
When and IF you TRULY want to be a partner in your relationship you will bring to the table anything to “help” and hopefully more. I am on a mission to get more women to be strongly independent and lovingly in a stable relationship.

What other ways can you make money?
Write a blog. Join Adsense. Start a YouTube channel. Become an affiliate of Amazon. Post links from your Amazon affiliaton on your blog and other social media. Write ebooks. Online surveys. Sell your stuff. Everyone has boxes of “stuff” they haven’t touched in years. Sell it and get cash and more space. Use Amazon, ebay or marketplace.

I’d love you hear your feelings on this subject. Comment below.
Tammy Nall-Tillett

Save 25% & start a free business

Get these rewards with your first order.

Amazing, We Know!

Get paid to shop and share beauty — really!

Be a beauty influencer video

Be a beauty influencer, skin care expert, whatever-your-passion entrepreneur, from home or on the go, live or virtually. Make real money toward helping your family, catching up on bills, saving for that splurge. And love the fantastic perks, incentive trips and an incredible community of women who’ve got your back. Selling Avon looks smarter every day!

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on beauty orders from customers and discount when you buy for yourself*

*Orders of $40+, 20% off $40+ fashion and home orders


Up to $3,300 in commissions and bonuses by achieving all maximum sales targets in your first 8 campaigns, Avon’s 2-week selling cycles.


for every $200 in sales each campaign


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for first $1,000 in sales

Telemedicine 24/7

Access to licensed doctors, affordable health insurance and health care discounts

Avon Rewards

Reward yourself with amazing gifts of your choice as you hit goals

Avon Perks

Your one-stop portal for exclusive offers and discounts on major brands

Discounted Online Courses


Grow with professional development courses through our education partner


• Virtual makeup tool to try new trends or do virtual consultations from anywhere
• Shade Finder tool
• Customizable for each customer’s interests
• And tons more features!

Your free online store for 24-7 sales

Your free online store for 24/7 sales

Promotion Tool to send customers exclusive offers

Promotion Tool to send customers exclusive offers

Online fundraisers to help your community

Online fundraisers to help your community

A powerful business website and mobile app just for Avon Representatives


A powerful business website and mobile app just for Avon Representatives

You’ve Got This!

We make it easy and fun to learn to sell Avon as you go with your own mentor to guide you every step, a dedicated Social Selling training team and AVON U, our free, online learning center for incredible product and social media training, on-demand webinars and more — all ready when you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What do I get when I sign up?

Each of our starter collections gives you an incredible set of favorite products in full and mini sizes plus product-packed brochures (catalogs) to share. Please allow two business days for your Starter Collection to ship. Delivery is based on your zip code and can take between 5-7 business days.

Our other sign-up options of $0 sign-up or a contribution to the American Cancer Society* (ACS) get you started with your own online store and digital tools, but do not include a starter collection, brochures or samples.

*The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service. Your ACS contribution will be aggregated and sent to ACS in a lump sum amount.

 I’ve never done this before. What business support do I receive when I sign up?

All Representatives receive FREE online support, training, social media tips and lots more to help you get your beauty business started:

  • A personalized online store your customers can shop from 24/7
  • Our user-friendly mobile app so you can sell anywhere on the go
  • Cutting-edge marketing tools to help you connect with more customers online
  • Best-in-class online training to build skills at your own pace right from home
  • Access to a community of amazing and supportive beauty lovers
  • A great incentive to help you score up to $2,000 in bonuses by achieving all maximum sales targets in your first several months.
  • Expert customer service support through our Avon Care Center
  • Exclusive discounts for a wide variety of services and offers via our Avon Perks program

How do I earn and get paid?

First off, you’ll get 25% off your own orders of $40+ of beauty products (that includes makeup, skin care, personal care, health and wellness and more) as an Avon Representative, and you’ll earn 25% commission on beauty orders of $40+ from customers.

Getting paid is simple.

  • For your online store sales, sign up for Direct Deposit and you’ll get paid for your online sales two business days after your customer’s order ships. That’s money in your bank account you can spend right away! (If you’re not signed up for Direct Deposit, a commission credit will be applied to your Avon account two business days after your customer’s order ships.)
  • For orders you deliver, your commissions are based on the difference between the discounted amount you pay and the full price your customer pays you. For example, you sell a lipstick to a customer for $10.00. If your commission level is 40%, you pay Avon $6.00, plus tax, and the rest is your profit.

How often do I have to place customer orders?

Order as often as you want, whenever you want! Our most successful Representatives place orders each campaign (every two weeks), as well as share their online store link for 24/7 sales and commissions. To keep your account active and to stay up-to-date, we suggest placing an order in each campaign.

Share your Digital Avon Brochure

AVON’s Categories

Makeup- Eyes, face, lips
Skin Care- by categories and/or concerns
Hair Care – Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatments, Color
Bath & Body
Home – cleaning, shield yourself, face mask, kitchen essentials, pet care, cooking & baking, laundry supplies
Oral Care – whiteners, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss
Daily Essentials – Supplements, essential oils,

Got Wrinkles???

• Fresh – clean laundry scent

Freshen fabrics and smooth wrinkles with this fabric refresher spray. Formulated with green tea and persimmon leaf extracts to remove odors, and corn-derived dextrin for wrinkle control. 16.9 fl. oz.

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release in Fresh Scent - 1
wrinkle release and refreshers

• Freshens fabrics and removes wrinkles from clothes, bed linens and more
• Dermatologically tested

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release in Fresh Scent - 2

• Fresh – clean laundry scent

Hold bottle 8-12 inches (20-30cm) from area to be treated and spray evenly.
For wrinkle removal: After spraying the fabric, use both hands to pull the wrinkled area up and down and from the sides 2-3 times to make the fabric taut. Let dry.